10 coffee hacks to impress your peers (that they won't believe are true!)

10 coffee hacks to impress your peers (that they won't believe are true!)
Written by
Kate Benson

10 Coffee hacks to impress your peers (that they won't believe are true!) 

Are you a daily coffee drinker? Then we have some hacks for you that you don’t want to miss! Just keep reading to learn all about tips and tricks to look more radiant, change the way you make your coffee and drink in style.

1. Add salt to your coffee to get rid of bitterness! The sodium suppresses the bitter taste and enhances the flavour, trust us it works!

2. Want a chilled ice coffee, without watering it down with tonnes of ice? Freeze your coffee shots into ice cubes so you can drink your coffee strong and cold without adding any water, it’s perfect!

3. Trying to be healthy? Try cinnamon instead of sugar to sweeten things up! There’s many health benefits of eating cinnamon such as its high level of antioxidants.

4. Add flavours to your grinder to change up your every day standard drinks. (We used cinnamon sticks and our Piacetto Prestigioso Caffee Crema Coffee beans but you can put any spices in you like!)

5. Do you know coffee is a really great exfoliator and can reduce cellulite? Why not make a coffee scrub using 1 part brown sugar, 1 part ground coffee and 1 part coconut oil and treat yourself to some TLC!

6. Put your milk in a mason jar and shake till foamy before putting it in the microwave to heat. This is only if you love lots of foam on top of your coffee! As an equally inexpensive way to froth coffee, you can use an aerolatte milk frother available on our online shop. 

7. Drinking coffee every day? Drink through a straw to avoid staining your teeth, your dentist will appreciate this hack! 

8. Rinse your mug with warm water before serving to ensure your coffee cup is warm. This way, you’ll be keeping your coffee hotter for longer which is much more enjoyable to drink. (No one likes coffee at room temperature!)

9. Get a really good reusable cup so you can bring your coffee on the go. Our KeepCup range is made from lightweight plastic, unbreakable and comes in a range of colours and sizes.

10. If you’re a real coffee lover put your old coffee grounds in to small bags to scent the room like a diffuser!