5 Teas under £5 to wake you up, cool you down and chill you out

5 Teas under £5 to wake you up, cool you down and chill you out
Written by
Sara Lindsay

There are so many different tea flavours on the market and if you’re used to your traditional milk and two sugars, it can be difficult to know which ones you’d like to try. Since we’ve all got a bit more time on our hands at the moment, there’s never been a better time to test out some new and interesting drinks to try at home.

Some of these teas can be served hot or cold, so why not try drinking them differently? Hopefully, the sun will be making an appearance in the coming weeks and there’s nothing better than a cooling iced tea on a hot, summers day! But we are in Britain, so if that seems a little optimistic, they can all be served hot to keep you warm whilst hibernating indoors.

These teas are also loose leaf, as opposed to teabags, for maximum infusion of flavour. It doesn't have to be a faff either; simply put the loose leaves into the chamber of a Forlife teapot and leave to brew for a few minutes. Easy!

Here are 5 different teas to try – and they’re all under £5 so you can try a few different flavours to mix up your tea break!


1. Suki Breakfast Tea

We’ll start with the most traditional. The breakfast tea. This tea is the best breakfast tea around, in my opinion! It’s strong and refreshing. It even won the Great Taste Award in 2014 and it’s Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance certified. Delicious!

2. Suki Earl Grey Blue Flower

Another one you are probably familiar with and another Great Taste Award winner! This delicate and dry tea contains vibrant blue organic flowers, making it look stunning as it infuses. This one’s triple certified: Fairtrade, Organic, Rainforest Alliance.

3. Suki Red Berry

A punchy, fruity taste, this tea is mixed with berries, real fruit and hibiscus. It’s tart, juicy and makes a delicious alternative to a caffeinated tea to enjoy in the evenings. It would also work well as a cold tea. Just steep overnight and enjoy over ice the following day.

4. Suki Green Tea Sencha

An organic and Fairtrade, light and fresh green tea. Sencha means ‘steamed’. The leaves are steamed to retain the fresh, crispness of the tea. It’s a perfect relaxing cup that works well served with a slice of lemon and local honey.


5. Suki Apple Loves Mint

This tea was inspired by a bag of sweets! It’s a beautiful looking tea, with real rose buds! It also contains apple and papaya, then finished with mint. It’s sweet, but with a sharpness from the apple. It works well hot or cold and is definitely a firm favourite with our team!



All of these fantastic teas are loose leaf, so you can enjoy an authentic tea experience! Give them a try in our Forlife teapots, or steep them in the Coffee Gator Cold Brewer.