Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Guide
Written by
Kate Benson

🎁 Christmas Gift Guide 🎁

Are you struggling to think of present ideas for your family and friends? Here at Tchibo we have all the answers to your festive problems!

Here is a Christmas guide of all the products we think would be perfect gifts for your loved ones.


Do you know anyone who buys a coffee everyday on their way to work? Well save them some money and gift them a KeepCup this Christmas! Available in lots of different colours and sizes (this would even be a perfect Secret Santa gift if you’re sticking to a budget!)


Suki Tea gift set

A suki tea pot is perfect for any of your loose leaf tea lover friends! These tea pots come in a range of different colours so you can even match it to the colour scheme of their home (It’s the little things that really make gifts thoughtful)

You also receive a free taster set with any Suki tea pots purchased on our online shop, perfect for an extra gift to give! 

If you want to go that extra mile then we have a perfect little gift set for Christmas! With 2 loose leaf tea flavours available when you buy a teapot (breakfast tea and red berry!)

Suki tea pyramid envelopes (6x8)

If you know someone who likes to mix it up when it comes to tea flavours then the Suki tea pyramid envelopes are the ones for you! This gives you 6 different flavours to try without having to buy a big box of one flavour!

Cream whipper

A cream whipper is perfect for anyone who loves hot chocolate or loves to play around with gadgets! The cream whipper allows you to get the best whipped cream for any drink (and you can pretend you actually know what you’re doing to other people!)

Motta Latte art pen

Any creative coffee lovers in the family? Get them a Latte art pen! This is a great gift for anyone who wants to perfect their latte art game!

Hario Skerton Hand Coffee Grinder

This portable hand-grinder is a perfect gift for someone who is just beginning to love coffee! If you can’t see them investing in a machine just yet then this would be ideal. Not only is it practical but it looks great too!

We hope you have a lovely Christmas from all of us here at Tchibo! 🎄