How to Create Latte Art at Home

How to Create Latte Art at Home
Written by
Sara Lindsay

Fancy learning a new skill? Did you know that it’s possible to create impressive-looking latte art at home? If you’re missing your barista and missing taking photos of latte art for your Insta, why not give it a try yourself?


Simple Ideas for Beginners

Stencils! These are so easy to use and take your coffee from basic to beautiful in a matter of seconds. Use a capsule machine or a milk frother to get a milky white froth on top of your coffee so that these stencils will stand out. Simply place over the coffee and sprinkle some fine cocoa over it to take your coffee to the next level!


Intermediate level: Topping art

This one takes a little more practice and creative flair, but it’s easy when you know how. Again, start with a white milk canvas and take a topping sauce of your choice – we think chocolate or caramel mocha (or both!) work well.

Simply drizzle your pattern on top of the coffee. Circles and dots work well and are easy to control. Then take a cocktail stick and drag it through the topping to create sleek designs.

Draw concentric circles on your coffee then drag the cocktail stick from the centre to the rim, then about a centimetre further round, drag the stick back to the middle. Keep doing this until you’ve gone all the way round.


Advanced level: Making art with Microfoam

This one definitely takes some practice but keep trying and perfecting your craft and you’ll get there! The secret is making good microfoam and you can use an Aerolatte Milk Frother to do this. Heat your milk up then place the whisked end into the milk, about 1-2cm under the surface. Turn on the device and keep on frothing until your milk has increased in volume by about a third. Pour your frothed milk into a milk jug, then bang the jug on the counter to disperse the larger bubbles. Swirling (or polishing) the milk will incorporate the foamed milk into hot milk and give it a glossy paint-like sheen. Watch the video on how to create Microfoam using an Aerolatte Milk Frother here.


  1. Start the pour holding the handle in your left hand, or hold the base of the cup in your palm with the cup handle at 9:00
  2. Tilt the cup as much as you can without spilling the coffee
  3. Start the pour high then gently lower the jug stirring the pour through the crema, or top of the coffee, to create a blank canvas
  4. When you are ready to create your artwork, rest the spout onto the lip of the jug and use this to steady and control your pour
  5. Wiggle the jug left and right to create the pattern
  6. As you pour your coffee, level out the cup so the coffee doesn’t spill
  7. To finish the pour, raise the angle of the jug and draw the thin stream through the centre of your artwork to divide the pattern
  8. Finish by tipping the jug fully up in one motion (do not draw back across your artwork)

Our range of alternative milks are designed for professional baristas, meaning you can also work with any of these to create your latte art – mix it up and give some different milk a try!

There are loads of guides on YouTube that will show this in motion, but the best way to learn is practice, practice, practice!