5 ways to give your hair and beauty salon customers a first class experience!

5 ways to give your hair and beauty salon customers a first class experience!
Written by
Teodora Tepavicharova

In addition to wanting to look fabulous, today’s discerning hair and beauty salon customer is seeking a “first class" customer experience. Their expectation is to relax and be pampered within a stylish, spa-like atmosphere, accompanied by outstanding customer service.

    While most hairdressing and beauty salon owners will focus on hiring skilled and experienced stylists and beauticians, often less attention is given to the customer experience and customer service.

    Now more than ever, the customer experience matters

    Today there are a multitude of channels ready to broadcast and promote customer success stories – their photos and comments will be broadcast speedily across social media channels - Local Facebook groups, Instagram and Twitter in particular – and like it or not, your business will be featured on a multitude of review websites from Trip Advisor to Trustpilot, so make sure it’s first class! 

    You've made your customer look like a celebrity... but have you made them feel like one?

    Delivering a first class salon experience can be as simple as providing unlimited premium quality hot drinks and snacks in an oasis of calm. If you can create a memorable, positive experience, then your customer will want to return. not only that, but they will want to share their positive experience with others, who in turn, will want to enjoy the experience for themselves!

    Here are 5 easy ways for your hair and beauty salon to enjoy more new and returning customers:-

    1. Provide convenient, complimentary coffee

    Having a professional coffee machine in your hair and beauty salon makes it easy to prepare a delicious cup of complimentary coffee for your customers. Tank filled coffee machines are simple to install and use. Without the need for a mains water supply, they can be quickly set up in a location in the salon that convenient for you. The Bravilor Novo filter coffee machine is our bestselling tank filled coffee machine and serves delicious, fresh filter coffee quickly. The coffee machine is also easy to operate with two self-regulating hot plates that preserve the freshness and quality of the coffee for your customers. Higher end salons, meanwhile tend to prefer bean to cup, machines like the Jura range, which serve up popular speciality coffees including flat whites, cappuccinos and lattes.

    2. Serve up a quality coffee every time

    With a professional coffee machine in your hair and beauty salon, now all you need is a quality coffee to serve to your customers. If you have a Bravilor Novo filter coffee machine then you can enjoy ground coffee in convenient sachets, with the correct quantity of coffee ready to enjoy at the perfect strength. Dependent on your budget there are several options available from Italian blends, to smooth 100% Arabica or you can serve David Café Espresso for a truly premium experience!

    3. Include a tasty snack accompaniment with your coffee and hot drinks

    The iconic Lotus Biscoff Caramelised Biscuit is a popular snack served by high-end hairdressing salons, beauty salons and health spas. The individually wrapped Lotus biscuits are hygienic, convenient and perfect to enhance the enjoyment of the hot drink that has been prepared for your clients. Another option to try is individually wrapped chocolate almonds which are a perfect accompaniment to any coffee.

    4. Offer a coffee alternative

    Here in the UK, it's no secret that tea is still a popular drink and indeed, the same high level of quality needs to be considered for the tea you serve to your clients. Suki Tea offers a premium customer tea experience. Renowned for their loose-leaf tea, you can also enjoy a similar quality tea in convenient, pyramid envelopes. From the popular English Breakfast Tea to Earl Grey or a relaxing cup of Camomile, it’s possible to appeal to every customers’ taste.

    5. Deliver a premium service experience

    Just like the stylish interior of your salon, presentation is key to making the complimentary drink experience both delightful and memorable. Serving your drinks in stylish china will help create a coffee shop experience for your customer’s enjoyment of their coffee. When it comes to tea, Forlife Suki Tea teapots and bamboo trays will bring a zen-like atmosphere perfect for creating the ultimate tea serving experience.