8 Espresso Facts (That Every Coffee Lover Should Know)

8 Espresso Facts (That Every Coffee Lover Should Know)
Written by
Jon Beck

With its origins in Italy, today the espresso is enjoyed globally; either as a drink in its own right or as the base to specialty coffee.

If you're a coffee lover, here are some fun facts about the humble espresso that you might (or might not) already know!

1) Espresso is the name given to both the drink and the brewing process

Espresso is both a drink and the name attributed to the brewing process from which the drink is created. High-pressure, near-boiling water is forced through compacted, finely ground coffee beans to extract their flavour into a "shot" of liquid.

2) The espresso originated in Italy over 100 years ago

Stepping back in time to Italy at the dawn of the 20th Century...  we started to see the development of machines which utilised high-pressure extraction methods to brew coffee;  Angelo Moriondo is credited with the earliest known example of such a machine in 1884, while Luigi Bezzera devised and patented several improvements in 1901.  

3) The Italian word espresso translates into English as: “to express”

Espresso should be pronounced "es-press-so", but is often incorrectly pronounced as "ex-press-so" 


4) Espresso is used as a base for specialty coffee

An espresso can be blended with milk (or a milk alternative) to create specialty milk-based coffee such as a flat white, latte, cappuccino etc. A cappuccino for example, is created by adding foamed milk on top of a single or double-shot espresso. 


4) The ‘crema’ is indicative of the freshness of the coffee beans 

The crema is a creamy brown, airy liquid that is extracted with the espresso and sits on top of the drink as a fine layer. In a "fresh" espresso, the crema will last for as long as 3-5 minutes before dispersing. 

6) A single-shot espresso requires approximately 42 coffee beans.

While there are undoubtably several different factors at play, a typical espresso shot can be considered to have been extracted from approximately 42 coffee beans  


7) The fat content in espresso is higher than filtered coffee

An espresso shot contains approximately 2.5% fat while there is only 0.6% fat in filtered coffee. This is derived from the natural oils contained in the coffee beans.


8) These days, modern technology has made it easier than ever to enjoy an espresso!

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