8 Espresso Facts (That Every Coffee Lover Should Know)

8 Espresso Facts (That Every Coffee Lover Should Know)
Written by
Simran Flora

Espresso, espresso. Here at Tchibo Coffee International it makes us less depresso. 

Today we are presenting you with facts about espresso that any coffee lover would want to know!


Facts about espresso: 

1) Espresso is a drink

This may be an obvious fact to some but to others they see espresso as a specified bean or roast, which it is not!

An espresso is a particular type of brewing method. It requires a high pressure force of almost boiling water through finely ground coffee beans. This process would normally take around 20-30 seconds.


2) The word espresso actually means “when something is forced out” in Italian!

The word looks like the English word 'express' which is defined as to "press out".

Bonus fact: Espresso is pronounced "ess-press-so" not "ex-press-so" which it is still to this day being mistaken for. 



3) Even though an espresso is a drink itself, it is used as a base for many of our favourite drinks.

Espresso is included in drinks such as lattes, cappuccinos, mochas and many more!


4) The ‘crema’ is a creamy brown, airy liquid that is extracted with the espresso and sits right on top of the beverage as a fine layer.



5) A crema can show us important factors in an espresso, such as:

> How fully the espresso has been extracted

If there are more solubles in the cup, the crema will be darker.


> How even the extraction was

If you are presented with a stable crema, you’ll have a nice and thick brewed liquid. This means there was less channeling, pitting or other defects in the shot.

A stable crema will hold its shape, if you were to move the crema away with a clean spoon slightly to see the darker drink underneath, then release it and remove the spoon, the crema should move back and cover the entire beverage once again.


> The freshness of the espresso

This depends on how the foamy layers settles. If it is fresh, as the drink is brewing, the entire shot will appear to be a crema, once the extraction has finished will you see the drink settle into two separately definite layers.

If it’s not fresh and more old, the coffee extracted will look thinner, almost like dirty water, and the foam will release separately during the extraction. A thin and watery coffee will result in a disappearing crema.

In a good espresso the crema will stay for around 3-5 minutes, if not longer!

Unfortunately, the crema can’t help you tell if the coffee will taste good or bad, or if the oils were properly emulsified.


6) One shot of espresso requires around 42 coffee beans.



7) The fat content in espresso is higher than filtered coffee

Espresso as 2.5% fat while there is only 0.6% fat in filtered coffee. This is from the natural oils found in the bean.


8) The government in Italy regulates espressos because it is considered to be an essential part of their daily life.

That is true dedication to coffee!


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