Five facts about plant-based milk you may not know

Five facts about plant-based milk you may not know
Written by
Sara Lindsay

The popularity of alternative milks is increasing, with many choosing dairy-free for flavour preference, dietary requirements, or lifestyle choices, like veganism. There are so many options out there that you can experiment with!

Here are some facts so you can learn a little more about plant-based milk

1. Milks like almond and coconut are naturally sweet

This reduces the need to add sugary syrups to your drink to get that sweet taste.

2. Some alternative milks are made just for professional baristas

A lot of alternative drink manufacturers produce plant milk specifically for professional baristas. This means the milk can be heated, steamed and stretched to behave in a similar way to regular milk, so it’s just as good for your lattes, cappuccinos and flat whites. They don’t need to be heated to quite such a high temperature though, so bear this in mind when making your own!

3. Plant-based milks are also just as great in cold drinks

Add them to your smoothies, milkshakes and frappes for a dairy-free alternative!

4. Plant milks are lactose free

This makes them easier for the body to digest.

5. Dairy-free milks generally have fewer calories

They also have a higher water content (which is great for keeping hydrated), and contain less fat (except for coconut milk)1.

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