Four Healthy Snacks to Enjoy at Home

Four Healthy Snacks to Enjoy at Home
Written by
Sara Lindsay

When you’re at home all day, are you regularly finding yourself at the fridge on the hunt for snacks? Just a quick look at all the memes on social media will confirm that you’re not alone. Snacking is our isolation hobby. If you haven’t already, we’re sure at some point during lockdown you’ll finish a sharing packet of crisps to yourself while bingeing a whole series on Netflix. And that is fine, we’re not judging. But snacking does not always have to mean unhealthy.

What if we could show you some snacking treats that you don’t have to feel guilty about? It’s your lucky day. These snacks will satisfy those cravings but won’t leave you feeling guilty!


Brave Peas - nutrient dense, crunchy split peas

Peas? Sounds like an unusual snack, right? These dried split peas will conquer your crisp craving with the Sea Salt, Paprika & Chilli and Salt and Vinegar flavours, as well as your sweet tooth with the Chocolate and Salted Caramel flavour. You really need to try them – they are super tasty! They contain only locally grown, natural ingredients and each pack contains 7g of protein, 7g of fibre and under 150 calories. They are also suitable for vegan/vegetarian/dairy-free and gluten-free diets.

Popcorn - low calorie treat from a Devon poppery

Ah popcorn. Our fave low calorie treat. With just a little over 100 calories per pack, these are the perfect snack to enjoy while getting cosy with a movie. They come in four great flavours too:  Chilli & LimeCrispy Bacon & Maple SyrupLightly Sea Salted and Sweet & Salty, so there’s something for everyone!

Lumberjack Protein Flapjack Bars - because you need to fuel your home workout

If you’ve been doing your home workouts, you’ll want to add a bit of protein to your diet and these bars will do the trick! Available in two flavours – Yoghurt & Berry and Orange & Dark Chocolate. They’ll also give you the sugar fix you have been craving, with a layer of creamy yoghurt and dried fruits.

Brown bag Vegetable Crisps - 30% less fat than many other brands

Crisps with a difference. These are vegetable chips that are hand-cooked in sunflower oil and coated in Brown Bag’s award winning flavourings. They are also vegan/vegetarian/dairy-free and gluten-free!

brown bag vegetable crisps


So, never fear. We’ve got you covered! Check out some our other snacks in our healthy snack selection. Which one is your favourite?