Gift Guide: The best Coffee Brewing Kit this Christmas

Gift Guide: The best Coffee Brewing Kit this Christmas
Written by
Teodora Tepavicharova

Christmas – the most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner! Have you thought about what you are going to buy or how much you are going to spend? We know Christmas shopping can be overwhelming at times and finding the right present could be a struggle. If you have a friend who absolutely loves coffee, then we have some great ideas. Coffee Brewing equipment is not an ordinary present for the holidays. You don’t just buy a gift, you gift an experience!

Coffee - one ingredient, yet so many ways to prepare it! Depending on the type of coffee beans you love (grinding beans on the spot makes such a difference!), the equipment you own and your mood, you can transform your standard coffee into an exceptional one. This is possible thanks to the different brewing methods. Let’s take a look at some of them!

Brewing using pressure

Espresso Machine 

    First developed in 1884 and later commercially produced by Luigi Bezzera - founder of La Pavoni - in 1905[1], the espresso machine is the classic method of brewing coffee. Nowadays, there are many varieties and styles of espresso machine suited for everyone.

    METHOD: The machine forces pressured water – near its boiling pour, through fine ground coffee beans, in order to create a concentrated product, called espresso.

    Find suitable coffee for an espresso machine here.

    If the person already has a machine, you can give them a nice accessory for it. A great and elegant tamper will make the perfect gift for a coffee lover. 


    Moka Pot 

      With its iconic appearance, the Moka Pot first made in 1933, is a cheaper way to brew your coffee at home. [2]

      METHOD: The water is put in the bottom chamber and uses steam to push itself through the ground coffee. The method is similar to the espresso machine except that the water pressure is nine times less compared to the Espresso Machine which influences the taste of the coffee.

      Find suitable coffee for a Moka Pot here.



        AeroPress is a newer device for brewing invented in 2005. Very easy and fast way to make your everyday cup of coffee.[3] If you want to be hands-on with your coffee making, this one is for you.

        METHOD: This 3-piece tool and a filter paper (you can find it on our website) works on the lever/piston espresso machine’s principle – 60 sec is more than enough for the coffee to be prepared! Simply put the coffee and hot water together, stir and plunge. It’s just as easy as it sounds!

        Find suitable coffee for an AeroPress here.


        Brewing using steeping

        French Press

          This 1929 Italian invention is also easy and fast to use.[4]

          METHOD: Put the ground coffee (grinder link) into the press and pour boiling water to cover it for about 30 seconds. Then pour the remaining amount of water and brew it for 4 minutes. Press the plunger down to separate the grounds and pour the coffee out of it.

          Find suitable coffee for a French Press here.

          The Baratza Encore Grinder would also make a great present. It gives a precise grind with minimal fines for a flavorful. 


          Brewing using filtration or dripping

          The Chemex 

            The Chemex was first produced in 1942 and it is definitely a stylish and elegant way to make coffee![5]

            METHOD: The infusing method is used to brew coffee which means a slower result and rich flavour. Just put the filter inside the Chemex, put the ground coffee in it and pour hot water to saturate the beans. After 30 sec pours in the remaining water.

            Find suitable coffee for Chemex here

            A Pour Over Kettle will make the perfect present for people who already own Chemex. Not just the look but the control, style and exceptional coffee are associated with this marvelous, well-designed kettle. 


            Hario V60 Dipper

              Hario V60 Dipper is one of the fastest ways to brew your coffee. It has a ceramic body and allows to brew directly into the server. It is portable too!

              METHOD: The brewing method is the same as for the Chemex. The difference being that the ceramic body retains heat perfectly. Easy and simple to use!

              Find suitable coffee for Hario V60 Dipper here.

              Hario V60 Gift Set is the perfect present for any coffee enthusiast. 


              Filter Coffee Machine

              Filter coffee machines are an easy way to brew coffee for multiple people, so ideal for office environments, school staff rooms, hair salons etc.

              METHOD: It really depends from machine to machine, but the basic method is to put water into the machine, put the filter paper and the coffee in, and press a button. Machines such as the Bravilor Novo can give you enough coffee for 100 cups per day.

              Find suitable coffee for a filter coffee machine here.

              If the person loves takeaway coffee, make sure to grab them the Coffee Gator Thermal Travel Cup. The metal filter creates a cleaner taste, saves the trees and is easy to clean!