How to make the at-home Freakshake: Iced Milk Chocolate

How to make the at-home Freakshake: Iced Milk Chocolate
Written by
Sara Lindsay

Freakshakes. We’ve seen them on Instagram or viral videos and we’ve all wanted to try one. Even just once. So, we thought we’d share our Iced Milk Chocolate recipe to make the base of your own freakshake at home!

No, ours doesn’t have 40 brownies and several doughnuts attached to it, but we'd love to see your creative versions of this! This is one chocolatey, milky drink that you and the kids are going to love!

Here’s the Iced Milk Chocolate…

You will need:
DaVinci Chocolate Sauce
Milk (this can be dairy or plant-based)
Triple Chocolate Crispies
DaVinci Chocolate Topping Sauce

 How to make it

  1. Add splash of milk to the jug to a jug
  2. Add 2 pumps of the chocolate sauce and whisk together to incorporate
  3. Top up the jug with the rest of the milk and keep whisking until it’s all mixed in
  4. Drizzle your glass with the topping sauce. TOP TIP: Turn the glass to get some nice drips down the side!
  5. Dip the top of the glass in some topping sauce then dip into crispies to coat the edge of the glass
  6. Add ice to the glass
  7. Pour in the chocolate milk mix

Watch the video for a demo…


Make it extra extravagant: squirt whipped cream on the top, and add mini marshmallows, another drizzle of the chocolate sauce and as many other chocolate/cake/doughnut/brownie treats as you dare! The freakier the better!

Enjoy! Don’t forget to show us your Iced Milk Chocolate drinks on social media.