How to use a cafetière to make delicious coffee at home

How to use a cafetière to make delicious coffee at home
Written by
Sara Lindsay

Sipping great coffee that you have made at home is a little joy we’ve come to appreciate even more over the past few weeks. How are you making yours?

One of the most common pieces of home coffee equipment is the cafetière or French Press. It’s easy to use and produces a delicious cup. Here’s how to use yours most effectively to produce the optimal cup of coffee, from our coffee experts!


How to use a cafetière with top tips!

  1. Before using, make sure to clean out the cafetière with hot water. This will ensure there are no impurities that can affect the end product. The hot water will also pre-warm the jug.
  2. Add your medium/coarse ground coffee. You’ll need about 1 dessert spoonful per cup (so if you have a 3 cup cafetière, use 3 spoonfuls of ground coffee).
  3. Shake to distribute the grounds evenly and add the hot water.
  4. Wait one minute then give them a stir.
  5. Then wait a further 4 minutes to allow the grounds to settle.
  6. Plunge time! Make sure you plunge slowly to extract all that flavour! Don’t plunge all the way to the bottom. Leave about an inch.
  7. Then the best bit – pour and serve!


To see all this in action, watch this video. Enjoy!