Kirsty's Barista Journey: Week 1

Kirsty's Barista Journey: Week 1
Written by
Kirsty Evans

Hello, my names Kirsty and I love a good cup of coffee. My favourite is a cappuccino. I have one every day and it is almost a daily ritual for me!

Growing up coffee was a huge part of my life, my Mum and Stepdad owned a coffee and retail shop called ‘Havana’ that specialised in branded coffee equipment, kitchenware and also fantastic coffees. I have fond memories of going to the shop after school each day, sitting in the stock room to do my homework and helping my Mum gift-wrap the products. I was an expert by the time I was eight, and it may have also contributed to me being the perfectionist that I am today!

A few years on, I’m now at University studying Media and communications, television and new broadcast media. Studying such a broad degree has helped me learn about many different aspects of the media industry, and I am really passionate about pursuing a career in the field of marketing. After researching many internships to gain some experience in a work based environment I came across a social media Internship at Tchibo’s head office in Epsom. I knew the company from going to exhibitions with my stepdad when I was younger and seeing all the competitors for the sector. I was really keen to secure an internship in an area that I’m passionate about, Tchibo was the first internship that I applied for and I am now the new social media intern for the next five months!

One benefit of working at Tchibo is that every employee is trained by a certified SCA Barista to make the perfect cup and become truly passionate about coffee. I think this is a great initiative for each member of staff to learn about the products and how much practice goes into making a great coffee! Despite growing up around coffee, I had never been taught how to properly use a machine, mainly because I’m so clumsy and my mum expected me to burn myself. On my second day, Balazs my manager showed me how to make a cappuccino. I observed as I watched him make the drink with ease and I was quietly confident that I would make the perfect coffee first time, everyone in my family makes amazing coffee so surely it’s in my blood, right?

Over the next 12 weeks I aim to become a confident barista, and hopefully inspire others who have no experience of making coffee to also take on the challenge. I’ll document my journey and update you all on how I progress. I’m not that confident I’ll be a pro at the end…but I’ve been told lots of practise is key!