Kirsty's Barista Journey: Week 10

Kirsty's Barista Journey: Week 10
Written by
Kirsty Evans

Since my Barista Journey is coming to an end, I thought what better time to test myself on a new drink; a flat white. Over the past few weeks making endless amounts of heavily milk based coffee's has taken it's toll.

I am still in need of my caffeine fix but with a little less milk! In a bid to try something new I decided to attempt a flat white, an espresso-based coffee drink. It's prepared by pouring microfoam over a single or double shot of espresso.  Below documents my genuine reaction to my first attempt of a flat white, there's always room for improvement!

Below documents one of my flat white attempts that wasn't completely terrible. Over the course of the next two weeks I am going to try and polish up my skills, stay in tune for the next few blogs to see how I get on!