Kirsty's Barista Journey: Week 12

Kirsty's Barista Journey: Week 12
Written by
Kirsty Evans

Sadly, my time at Tchibo as Social Media intern has come to an end... The last few months have been absolutely brilliant and I have learnt so much during my time here. I have had so much fun documenting my Barista Journey, and I hope you have all enjoyed reading it!

From frustrations of not being able to create latte art to a high standard to making the perfect cappuccino, I have also discovered a new found love for a variety of coffee! Being introduced to the 'specialty coffee' world really puts into perspective the high quality and importance of ethics in coffee culture. Unfortunately now I feel that I am a complete coffee addict and my coffee machine at home just doesn’t cut it anymore!

In my final week at Tchibo I decided to set myself a challenge and make a variety of coffee based drinks to the highest standard possible.

Firstly I decided to tackle a Flat White, this is something that I have really struggled to perfect over the past few months. In week 10 I focused on making the perfect flat white but this didn't go as planned! I was determined to polish up my skills before I left my internship and after a week of practice this is the result. It's safe to say I'm fairly happy with the outcome and this is now one of my favourite drinks!

Next up was a Mocha, which I attempted in last week's blog post, I tried to create a mocha using latte art, but this didn't go as planned. After some much needed advice from Will, I managed to create a newly improved mocha! I used Cappuccino style milk instead to create this and it created a richer drink.

Thirdly, Cappuccino my favourite coffee! Over the past 12 weeks this has been my go-to caffeine fix, and the coffee that I have found easiest to make.

Next up was a Latte, something that I definitely struggled with during my Barista Journey. The concept of creating latte art seems so simple but in reality it takes a lot of time, patience and effort to make a latte you are happy with! After weeks of frustration I finally produced a latte that I am proud of.

Finally I decided to attempt a latte macchiato to challenge myself in my last week! Surprisingly I'm really happy with how this turned out.

This week I found out that somehow I managed to pass my exam, I am now SCA qualified to foundation level!! What better way to round off an amazing Summer working with Tchibo than to gain a qualification in something I thought I would never be able to do.

I hope my Barista journey inspires others, to push themselves out of their comfort zone and try something new! I’m going to miss the copious amounts of coffee and all of the great people here at Tchibo HQ, but now it’s out with the old and in with the new!


Don’t fret, Tchibo has a new social media Intern, Simran, here for the next year to keep you informed of all the latest news! Make sure to be following our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates on the online shop and some exciting blogs that will be coming your way soon!