Kirsty's Barista Journey: Week 5

Kirsty's Barista Journey: Week 5
Written by
Kirsty Evans

Following my Barista training with Sophie last week, I set myself the challenge of creating latte art daily. I was extremely optimistic that I would be able to create seamless, beautiful designs, although this did not quite go to plan… 

On Monday morning I approached the coffee machine determined, after my training I felt extremely confident that I would be able to produce a good standard of latte art and impress my colleagues. With no set pattern in mind I decided to completely wing it, this didn’t result in the best first attempt, to say the least.

Following my disaster I spoke with my colleague Jack, he advised me that a heart is best to start off with when tackling latte art. I decided that my second attempt would be a heart as the concept seems quite simple; you pour the milk into the centre of the cup to form a solid circle. Then when the cup is nearly full you raise the pitcher and pour the milk away from yourself to cut through the centre and create the bottom point of the heart.

Unfortunately, this didn’t go as planned. My latte artwork looked more like an onion than a heart! Wednesday came around and a slight improvement was seen, somehow I had managed to merge a failed heart and leaf together, questionable to say the least!

On Thursday I managed to create a small heart! One improvement I need to make is to start pouring the circle of foam before the cup is nearly full, I never leave myself enough room in the cup to make a big enough heart. On Friday I saw further improvement in my heart but this is something I need to try and keep consistent these upcoming weeks.

In hindsight, I have found this week extremely challenging. Experienced barista's make it look so easy to create all these intricate designs. One thing it has taught me is that persistence is key and it takes many people years to get to a high standard. I am determined that by the end of my internship I will be able to produce at least the basics of latte art. In the next few weeks, I will be having my SCA training and also an exam, if successful I will be qualified at foundation level for barista training!