National Coffee Ice Cream Day

National Coffee Ice Cream Day
Written by
Simran Flora

To celebrate National Coffee Ice Cream Day we decided to share our take on the Italian dessert, Affogato. The Italian word ‘Affogato’ translates to ‘drowned’, representing the theme of this coffee based dessert. Essentially, this dessert is vanilla ice cream covered with a shot of espresso – so simple, but with the right coffee makes an incredible dessert. Variations include toppings such as almond biscotti/ amaretti, chocolate, fudge and caramel. Check out our Online Shop where you can find all the ingredients to make your perfect dessert!

To make this recipe you will need:
-Vanilla Ice Cream
-Eduscho Espresso Coffee beans
-Shot Glass for the Espresso
-Glass for the Ice Cream
-Tchibo Saucer for Biscotti
-Espresso Spoon
-Wooden Spoon Almond Biscotti
-Fudge Pieces


Step 1
Place your scoop of ice cream inside your glass. Any vanilla ice cream will do!

Step 2
Start to prepare your espresso shot. You will need a coffee machine and coffee beans for this. We used the Jura Impressa F9 and Piacetto coffee beans to make the perfect shot of espresso. 

Once prepared, leave this to one side, whilst you move on to your decoration.

Step 3
This is your chance to go wild and personalise your dish! Feel free to use any toppings you wish, or follow our recipe. To start, break the Almond Biscotti into three and add one third to the ice cream, with two left on a saucer/plate for dipping! Sprinkle on top the fudge pieces and add the caramel drizzle for a perfect sweet treat.

Step 4
This is the final stage of recipe, where your plain vanilla ice cream transforms to a luxury Italian dessert. Pour your espresso shot all over and watch as the coffee infuses in to the ice cream, creating the perfect flavour combination.

Step 5
Finally, Enjoy! Dip your spoon in and start eating and as the Italian’s would say Buon Appetito!