A quick guide to sustainable, biodegradable and reusable drinks products

A quick guide to sustainable, biodegradable and reusable drinks products
Written by
Teodora Tepavicharova

This week’s blog is dedicated to September's Zero Waste Week, with a focus on sustainable products, recycling and cherishing the environment! 

We all know that it can seem daunting when considering what we can do to improve our impact on the environment, so we have written this comprehensive guide to some of our sustainable and environmentally friendly products, to help you make informed choices – all in aid of Zero Waste Week!


What is Zero Waste Week?

Zero Waste Week starts on the first Monday of September. It raises awareness about the impact of our waste on the environment and encourages a waste-free way of living. This year the campaign marks its 10th anniversary. 


How is reducing waste beneficial?

Cutting waste has many benefits, not just for the environment but for our lifestyle and budget. The negative environmental impact of waste is huge - contamination, climate change, air and water pollution, animal and human damage. These result in acid rain, global warming, leaching toxins, suffocating the marine life, causing diseases and much more. Therefore, reusing, reducing and recycling are the three main actions that need to be taken in order to prevent further damage. Buy less - save time, money as well as the planet.


What can Tchibo Online Shop offer?

As a business, Tchibo understands the importance of environmental sustainability and we are on our way to becoming a 100% sustainable business. When it comes to products, we offer a range of different reusable and recyclable products that will help you reduce your waste:-



The UK throws away 7 million disposable coffee cups per day which equals 2.5 billion per year.

The Keepcup is a reusable cup that you can take into coffee shops and cafes and eliminates the need to use disposable cups each time you order your favourite drink. They are made from toughened, durable glass, recycling plastic and recycled cork. These stylish cups will keep your beverage warm and more importantly - will last years.

You can find out more about the KeepCup here.



Just 1% of the 2.5bn disposable cups thrown away each year in the UK are recycled.

MagiCup is the alternative to the traditional takeaway cup - reusable and dishwasher safe. The cup comes with many features such as anti-spill technology, increased aroma effect, 360-degree drinking and twin-wall insulated surface. Dare to show more of your personality by choosing the right design for you.


Coffee Gator Thermal Travel Cup

 It takes 450 years for some types of plastic bottles to degrade.

Coffee Gator Thermal Travel Cup has everything you need and more! It has double-walled construction, copper lining, removable metal filter and secure sip-through lid. Perfect to keep your brew hot and won't leak when tipped. No need for filter papers as well.

Another good reason to own a reusable cup is that saves you a lot of money. On average, if you have 2 coffees a day, the minimum save will be at least £110 per year.


Paper Straws

The UK throws away 8.5 billion plastic straws per year.

100,000 marine animals are killed each year due to pollution of plastic straws in the ocean. A recyclable and biodegradable paper straw that will stand up to liquids is the perfect environmentally- friendly replacement to the plastic ones.


Wooden Coffee Stirrers

Stirrers are the 11th most found trash in the ocean and coastal clean-ups.

Biodegradable and fully recyclable, we suggest switching from the plastic stirrers to wooden ones in order to minimise your environmental footprint. They are great for all catering uses too.



Tea Pockets

96% of teas do not have biodegradable tea bags.

If you love loose tea, we can offer you tea pockets for it! A pillow-shaped, biodegradable bag is perfect for takeaway and taking care of the environment. It also saves money when buying loose tea in bulk.


Coffee Gator Pourover Brewer

 The essential oils present in coffee are lost when using filter paper.

All the products from the Pourover Brewer series have one thing in common - they come with a laser-cut, reusable steel filter. No need to put coffee filters in your shopping list anymore, meaning you save money and help the environment too!



Glass Jars and Canisters 

Producing a 16-ounce PET bottle generates more than 100 times the toxic emissions to air and water than making the same bottle out of glass. Up to 80% of all recycled glass can be reclaimed. Recycled glass uses 40% less energy than manufacturing new glass. Recycling doesn’t compromise glass’ quality or structure and no toxins are produced in its recycling.

Use glass jars and canisters to store coffee beans, filter coffee, cocoa powder, loose leaf tea or cookies. Made from natural raw materials and no chemicals, they are not just environmentally-friendly but stylish. The best thing is that they are easy to wash and can be reused for years and years.



Vegware coffee compostable cups

Just one in 400 coffee cups is recycled even if you put them in a recycling bin.

Vegware offers recyclable takeaway coffee cups that are also compostable. When recycled with food waste (in compostable conditions), Vegware’s biodegradable coffee cups can degrade in under 12 weeks! This makes them ideal recyclable cups for hot drinks and cold beverages.

Find out more about our Vegware range here.




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