Why Tchibo is giving a KeepCup to every employee (and how owning a KeepCup could save you over £100 a year!)

Why Tchibo is giving a KeepCup to every employee (and how owning a KeepCup could save you over £100 a year!)
Written by
Simran Flora

Here at Tchibo, we want to keep improving where we can for the environment.  

It was decided that as of the start of February 2018, all employees in the office would stop using paper cups. On top of this, there was the removal of desk-side bins and the addition of more recycling bins in the kitchen and around the office itself; these bins are a variety of mixed, paper, cans and food recycling as well as a general waste bin. This change is to help encourage all employees in the office to recycle more and waste less. 

Each employee at Tchibo was also gifted with their very own 12oz Special Edition Glass Brew KeepCup to use at their desk and on the go! 

People discuss the importance of reusable cups  and biodegradable cups these days; not only is it important for the environment but it is also beneficial for protecting our health. Read more about the benefits of having a KeepCup below!


Benefits of having a KeepCup:

Better for the environment 

In the UK alone, it is estimated that 2.5 billion disposable coffee cups are thrown away every year. Less than 1% of coffee cups are actually recycled and over half a million cups are littered each day. These disposable cups can result in harming animals and polluting the natural environment, due to taking hundreds of years to break down and the chemicals within the plastic.

Saves you money

Getting your daily fix of coffee, or preferred beverage, adds up quickly. Drinks in coffee shops average from £3 - £6, imagine how much one spends in a year if they get a coffee (or two) a day! 

By having your own reusable coffee cup you'll be able to save money in two ways. One is being able to make your own coffee at home to take on the go, and the other is bringing it to coffee shops and asking them to make your favourite beverage in there! Most shops now offer discount on your drink if you bring your own reusable cup. This can range from 15-50p off! For example, if you have 2 coffees a day, with a KeepCup, you could save a minimum of £110 a year!

If you're a daily coffee drinker, your KeepCup would eventually start paying for itself! 

Encourages you to make your own drinks at home 

You can have whatever beverage you want, whether that be coffeetea or hot chocolate! With the addition of being able to customise it in any way you want, whether that be with syrups or toppings of your choice.


Have you checked out our range of KeepCups? If not click the image above or here to view them now! 


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