Valentine's Day Gift Guide (for you and your loved one)

Valentine's Day Gift Guide (for you and your loved one)
Written by
Simran Flora

Are you on the lookout for a gift for your loved one? Or perhaps you are searching for something to share with them during your day of romance. Here at Tchibo we are here to help you as Valentine's Day comes closer and closer!

Here are some great products that would be perfect to gift to your loved one or to use to share delicious treats with them!


Coffee Brewer

If your loved one loves coffee, why not get them a coffee brewer! Or buy it for yourself to then use to impress your loved one and make brilliant tasting coffee every time!

Check out these coffee Brewers:

Aerolatte Cafetiere

A coffee brewer that is simple to use and gives you a hands-on experience, so you can make your own coffee filled with fantastic flavours and you’re left with a  rich, aromatic coffee.


Chemex Coffee Brewer

Also known to be a pristine coffee maker, the Chemex Coffee Brewer delivers only the elements essential to a rich and elegant coffee, infused with all the flavours you would desire from your beverage.



You're going to need coffee to use in your coffee brewer! We have an entire range of coffee you can choose from, but check out our current favourite!


Hand Roasted Coffee

Of course if your loved one is a coffee lover, you’ve got to get them some great coffee, as well as a coffee brewer! Our Hand Roasted range is freshly roasted in small batches so you've got to grab them while their fresh and before their all gone!

Check out our newest roast Ethiopia Sidamo



Still needing that caffeine fix but not a fan of coffee? Then tea will be the choice for you! Our tea ranges from black teas, healthy classics and mouth-watering infusions.

Suki Tea - Classic Loose Leaf Gift Set

A wonderful gift for anyone at any time of year, and that includes Valentine's! If your loved one enjoys tea, then treat them to a wonderful loose tea gift set that comes with a teapot and two lovely loose teas to try too!


Hot Chocolate 

Incredibly heart warming and cosy all in one beverage. We have plenty of chocolatey goods for you to choose from for you and your loved one!

Pure Fine Finesse Hot Chocolate

Not all of us enjoy coffee, or even tea! Some of us want a cosy cup of hot chocolate instead. There’s nothing better than having this warming beverage all measured out for you, for even more ease of making the drink! That way you can spend more time with your loved one.


Reusable Cups

With all these amazing drinks you can make for yourself and your loved one, we still have to remember that Valentine's Day can fall on any day. That possibly being a work day, study day, or any other busy day! You and you’re love one are going to need to your beverage of choice, but this time to go! 


KeepCups are great additions to have at all times for when you need to take your drink on the move (not to mention taking them to certain coffee shops and cafes allows you money off your beverage!)

Our personal favourite is the KeepCup - Special Edition Glass Brew Cup (12oz)

Check out all of our reusable cups here.


Have a lovely Valentine's from all of us here at Tchibo! ❤️